[Hair conversion] Saelic sî des wunnebernden Meienzît

Oh, I'm still here. Yes, I have TS3, no, I can't be arsed to install it. My Milkshape install is borked (in the joint departement) so I haven't been doing much mesh-editing wise. Or anything, really. Also, I finally have a Dreamwidth (thanks to Nymphy <3). The idea was to seperate Sims crap from the non-Sims crap, but the crosspost feature is too awesome not to use. So we'll see how all of that goes.

Mediafire/Drop.io (yuxi_peggy0591MtF.rar)

This conversion/mirror I'd made for personal use but someone asked for it, so here we go. Because of aforementioned borked Milkshape install I had to kill the animations and keep it adult only, so I warned ye.
Credits to Peggyzone for original mesh, retextures are original/Nouk blend.

I'm pretty sure I have a 'spot a fellow countryman!' type of sixth sense thing going on online. I can totally recognize them from their writing style and grammatical errors. Scary.

[Clothing] Wading through the wastes

(That title sounded a lot more witty at 4AM.)

These are basically grungifications of Maxis/Aikea textures, but they're the first pieces of clothing I've made that I liked enough to share. Sooo. Three pairs of pants based on ExportDry's edit of HP's boots mesh, with both tucked and untucked versions so they can be worn with almost any top. I have a slight obession with patterned Dr. Martens boots, so I slapped patterns on these too.

Requires mesh by Exportdry HERE. Tops shown are by Yuichen, Ghanima and Bosie. (Images made with shadows turned off because they bloody annoyed me.)

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DL at Mediafire or Drop.io (yuxi-clothing-wadingthroughwastes.rar)

That's it for today, me loves.
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[Retexture] Doraemon 002 'Japanese hair' edit

The first rain of the season is falling and the streets are already flooding. The European monsoon? Go us.

I love this hair by Doraemon from the PGshop, but wanted more colour variation. So I blended around with Nouk's textures, went crazy with filters and recoloured the result. Also, while checking out the polycount (which is nice with 4464), I noticed there was a bow on the end of the ponytail in the mesh. Unfortunately I suck at bows or I'd have added it to the alpha.

I included the mesh because it's a bloody hassle to get hold of. All credits to Doraemon for the hair, and to Nouk for the textures I edited.

^ She'll eat your SOUL, no kidding.

Colourpalette (which isn't exactly right, but you get the picture):

Mediafire oder Drop.io (yuxi-doraemon002retexture.rar)

Man, it's getting quiet here on LJ. Should probably try and get a hold of a Dreamwidth thingy or openID whatever one of these days. I'm so behind.

Fast-forward, rewind.

As requested, here is Layla, inspired by a pretty girl of mixed race from real life. Anti-aliasing is refusing service in BS, so we'll have to do with this crap.
Also, TS3 so doesn't impress me yet *clings to own pimped TS2 game*.


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And that's all for today.
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[Retexture]PeggyG 7 and Jade hair 05 (XMSims)

> Links fixed, though I'm in a state of WTF over why they were messed up in the first place. (I totally remember carefully pasting them and shit, pfrt)

I feel like a stuffed pig or something, just dreadful. Anyway, hairs! Because I like hairs like you wouldn't believe.

First is Fhair 07 from PeggyG-shop, with Nouk's textures and alpha-edited bangs, so they're just a wee bit longer. This mesh's polycount is 5566, by the way.

DL at Mediafire/Drop.io (yuxi-peggyg07retexture.rar)
Mesh not included, but it's bootified.

Next is a retexture of this hair by Jade, found at XMSims. I realise these pictures are made of suck, but that sim is quite literally on holiday right now (and my neighbourhoods are empty, I'm afraid). Unfortunately, the mesh appears to have some transparency and animation issues and the parting looks a bit particular with lighter colours, but I figured I'd dump these here anyway.

DL at Mediafire/Drop.io (yuxi-jadehair05retexture.rar)
Mesh not included, get it here!

All thanks to the original hair creators for the meshes, and to Nouk for the original textures. <3 I'm just a fiddler.

[Retexture + alpha-edit] Peggyzone mesh #0556

Oh yeaah, it tickled again. An older Peggy mesh with Nouk's textures, basically. Included (really, now) is an edited mesh by Renegade Sims for your convenience (it's re-animated and without loose hairs in the back), but the original will probably work fine with these as well. I also edited the alpha for the bangs, so those are a bit shorter than the original (and look a bit less wonky).
There are 11 colours, binned/linked/compressed, you know the drill. Oh, and the polycount for this one is 5460.




Mediafire or Drop.io (yuxi-peggy0089edit.rar)

Edit to add a link for the lightbrown recolour, 'cuz I included a wrong file and it has dark scalp-age. Pffrt.

Je ziet eruit als de dood van het ganzenbord.

I've been trying really hard the last few days to find an opportunity in which to use the world 'jellymould', but no luck yet.

Anyway, stuffeths. Or me talking about stuff. I've been trudging my way through the Pitt DLC (from Fallout 3, naturally) getting a headache from the damn machine sounds just to see if there is new stuff to be maimed, but it would seem not. I did get freaking heart attacks all the time, with these lads sneaking up on my character:

Well, that aside, there's a load more extracted FO3 crap staring at me from its folders. Here's a part of that;

There is a Mr. Handy too, but he's just too high-poly. Woe.
I'm sort of stuck wondering why all items cloned from the big gold apple thing have sucky textures when zoomed out, why my edited shadows appear as square blobs of black (I've just deleted the layers until now, but objects just look incomplete without a shadow) and why alpha mode blend messes up things in an illogical way. Seriously, game, go headbutt a bullet.

To leave something instead of blabbering nonsense, here's Seyzei being all... bob-haired-y. It's the EAStore bob, but Sail mentioned to me it might look interesting on guys. I think it looks quite cute on them, too, so I figured I'd upload it here as well, for anyone else who's into that sort of thing.
Oh, and psh, retexture and alpha-edit was yanked from Azaya's edit of the female version, which I love and overuse <3.

< Mediafire or Dropbox >

Ahh, I just love plopping pretty pixel dollies into ugly, destroyed environments.

Fiddling on the roof; Derrière lui c'est l'enfer.

Just poppin' in real fast to dump this here. Two extracted meshes from the IKEA stuff pack (they were stuck on an ugly shelf).The polycounts are 1024 (the frog, so don't make an army!) and 547 (the HIPPOdog). They're recoulorable, but as I was making recolours the system resetted itself and I was too pissed off to continue. Dus.

Plushies yay!

Going to try and lose some excess energy now. x_x
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Smile its black-toothed grin.

Oh, bless paranoia. I had some old versions of my favourite sims tucked away on Mediafire somewhere. Sooo I started rebuilding my Urban Decay hood and dressed up some dollies again. Ho hum. Here we have Atreya and Yoni.

I'm just happy my game works, really.
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[Retexture + FtM] Es lächelt am tiefblauen Himmel so mild...

...und hat mir das Auge mit Tränen gefüllt. Warum? Warum?

Hum. I wasn't going to post this because I only noticed the polycount (11000) AFTER I was done... =_=... but okay. The one to the left is a chick, the other a guy. I know it's not that obvious save for the lack of boobage.

So I retextured the new female donation hair on PeggyZone with Nouk's textures to fit the rest of my hairs, and kinda half-wondered at what it looked like on guys. Figured I might as well dump both here for anyone who might be interested. I'm not too charmed with my own screenshots today, but blah blah internetlock blah blah. Ten colours each, original mesh (#04902) NOT included because I lost my head.

> Original mesh retexture: DL@Mediafire
> FtM conversion + retexture:DL@Mediafire Converted by creator.

All credits go to Juice and to Nouk, of course; I'm just the heathen that remixes it all.