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[retexture] Peggyzone #05702
So yeah, I'm alive, hey ho hey ho. I've been a bit too preoccupied with storytelling to make anything. I've eyed this hair since it was released for TS3, hoping they'd post it for TS2 as well, so as soon as it showed up (for free no less) I went to retexture it like a proper hair ho. Happy days indeed. Textures are PeggyxNouk, 11 colours, polycount is 12138, which is HUGE. Just so you know.

Can't be arsed to do proper photo shoot right now, everything here being as slow as a cow in the sea.

Download at Mediafire or at Drop.io (yuxi-peggyzone05702retexture.rar)

Mesh not included, get it here. Seems you no longer need to be logged in to get free stuff, either.