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[Retextures] Peggyzone #05576 & #05945 - It's too late for witty titles
I'm being eaten alive by that pesky thing called Real Life. My brain is like a fried sponge.

Small offering and not really 'new': Like I said I would, retextures pasted on the 'official' male conversion of this hair, because I personally like the edited shape better. I also included the retexture of the female version here, but the alpha was different so it's not exactly copy-pasta. Original x Nouk's textures, 11 colours, compressed. Full credits to Juice at Peggyzone for the meshes, which are not included.

Okay yeah yeah, my previews all look the same, reeking of laziness.

The left one is female, the right one is male, just sayin'.

< #05576 (female): Mediafire/Drop.io (yuxi-peggyzone05576retexture.rar) >
< #05945 (male): Mediafire/Drop.io (yuxi-peggyzone05945retexture.rar) >

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