A/Y (esperesa) wrote,

[Hair retexture] Anto hair 52

Oh Anto, you know I love about everything you make, right? Right. This hair brought out my inner fangirl and there wasn't much I could do to make it better, save for some blending with Nouk's textures to satisfy my need to make my hairs match...relatively. So the textures are AntoxNouk, combined and recoloured to fit my particular preferences/game aesthetic.

Eleven colours, binned, linked, compressed, elder has all colours. Also, the polycount *is* very high - my game doesn't seem to care, but if yours does, take care with this one.

These are only previews of the blond/brown/black, because I'm the laziest of them all when it comes to previews.

^ Wuxia is knocking down the doors to my brains. I can't understand a word but oh, the pretties.

< Mediafire >
Meshes by Anto/Cool Sims are included.
Tags: cc: hair edits
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