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[Retexture + F2M-conversion] Can't stand the sound of rain...
What, more hair? Yes, I'm afraid you'll suffer the consequences of me still being into TS2. Ha!

Anto WNF JulyAsp'09 set retexture
So, yesterday was the release of the WNF aspiration set and Anto (nooo, I'm not stalking the lad) released this new mesh. It immediately reminded me of a picture I'd seen somewhere of pretty Chinese things. So here we go with a retexture (11 colours, so not just black - I seem to be getting lazier by the day - binned, etc.).

Pick up the meshes here! (and yes, you'll need all four included there if you want it to show up for all the ages.) Its polycount is 9814.

Mediafire/Drop.io (yuxi-antojulyaspsetretexture.rar)

Coolsims40 hair retexture
Okay, I'm crazy in love with this style and it is free, but you have to have 10 posts in the Coolsims forum to be able to download the mesh. If you're a bit like me, painfully wary of every letter you're typing (no joke), such a thing might take you months, so you can always drop me a line for that instead (here at Dreamwidth or Livejournal or at GoS, that is). Hope that's a compromise XD. It has 11 colours, as usual.

EDIT - Anto removed the post limit - all you need to do now is register at the forum to get it!
EDIT2 - Now he removed the limit entirely. Yay! Just go to the main site to get the meshes.

Mediafire/Drop.io (yuxi-coolsims40retexture.rar)

RaonFH32 F2M
And...oh, I know; qu'est-ce que c'est, mate? I converted this Raon hair to fix my Milkshape (I'd somehow managed to mess up the Unimesh plugins), so I'll just dump it here. These are the original textures - should probably look at retexturing this and the original sometimes. And re-animation (it's...special). All credits go to Raonjena. This one's polycount is 2978.

Mediafire/Drop.io (yuxi_raonfh32FtM.rar)

Awesome recolours! May I please have the mesh for the Coolsims? I can be e-mailed at insomnikat @ livejournal . com

(Deleted comment)
Those are gorgeous O_O . Thanks for sharing :) !

I'd like the mesh too, thanks!

Okay, I think I got to everybody now, but when I tried to PM you it bounced back with this message:

* This message cannot be sent to [info]zen_alter_freak because the recipient has enabled the privacy options for their messages.

Could I reach you somewhere else, or could you perhaps turn it off temporarily?

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
Beautiful retextures, as always! May I please have the mesh for the Coolsims hair as well?

Oh these are just made of pure win XD If i had a baby i would give it to you :P Also for the coolsims hair could email the mesh to me? sophietabone@hotmail.com


I love your coolsims retexture !! Can I have the mesh please ? banana_split088@hotmail.com

Might I scab the mesh off you too so that I might enjoy your pretties? :D


Thank you!

Your recolors are absolutely beautiful!! Would it be possible to send me the mesh for the Coolsims hair? I would be absolutely grateful. You can send them to melissaxc@gmail.com thank you.

Wonderful hair recolor!!!! I have downloaded *___* compliments!

Mesh for Forum Gift hair

Hi Yuxi,

Yes I'm not stalking you, srsly I'm not but I did want the link for the mesh and also that gorgeous necklace on the model. Pretty Please

Re: Mesh for Forum Gift hair

Sorry I forgot the email address. supadupageekygirl@gmail.com is how you can reach me or here on LJ

I'm deeply in love with your retextures *___* They are amazing!
Can I have the coolsim mesh too please? I'm not a member of that forum.

My e-mail: girl@rikku.nu
Thank you so much and keep the good job !

Oh, I'm just another horrible person itching for the mesh.

But only because I must have evey beautiful thing you make<3

Those are very lovely. :D

Could I get the mesh for the second hair too?

the retextures are gorgeous.
thank you for making and sharing these,
may I have the cool sims mesh too..
thank you, allsoline@yahoo.com