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[Retextures] Coolsims37+39
I had these lounging in my game for some time, but only just now had the time to make previews. Or rather, half-assed screenshots. Just some unimaginative retexturing today - ten colours each, binned/linked and compressorized. Credits to Nouk for the textures I edited and to Anto for the meshes (love your work!).

The meshes are not included - pick them up here! (Note that you need all four files labeled MESH at the end.)

Mediafire/Drop.io (yuxi-coolsims37retexture.rar)

Mediafire/Drop.io (yuxi-coolsims39retexture.rar)

*wanders off*

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I had to do a double-take and reference the coolsim site because these look MUCH better than the originals. Half-assed or not, your recolours look amazing in these snapshots! Thank you <3

Ooh, pretty!

That first mesh looks (and is, probably) incredibly high poly but definitely worth it after the retexture. Thank you! :D

My name is knor and I approve your music choice ={D

MTE. I loved the mesh but the texture were ewwwww. Thanks so much.

I love this! Thank-you. I've said it before...but your screenshots are something heavenly..

So beautiful! Many thanks. <3

They are both gorgeous! I didn't download 39 before, but i am definitely getting your retextures of it, even though i think that's it's so not a style that requires 10 000+ polys... Can you tell me, please what the poly count for 37 is? This one doesn't have polys listed on the Coolsims site. Pretty please? Cause i've heard it's over 20 000 polys and would like to know if that's true, but i have no knowledge of SimPe at all. You've made it look so very pretty and i'm gonna grab it regardless, but i would like to know how careful i need to be when using it. If it really is above 20 000, then i guess very careful :D .Thank you!

Here's Anto

to eosophobia_x & [info]6akalaka1
I have to say that the first hair is super-extra poly xD but curls need more polys than straight hairmeshes, sorry for that. I can't tell you the poly because I'm not on my computer (summer holidays), but it has a high-high poly count :(
although, I dunno why people are scared about the polys xD I think people do not have Windows92 at the computer and old hardware, I think new computers allow that meshes (at least mine xD)

Yuxi, You can include the meshes in the rar files, (the meshes, not the mesh hahahaha, yes, 4 files, I'm very lazy to make one file, it's easier for linking the recolors), I don't mind that

Yeah, computers "allow" them, but that doesn't mean that they don't slow the game down. And a lot of people who are not using Windows92 cannot play the game at all with high poly meshes like that. Mine, personally, can handle high poly, but not in excess. If i have a big house with, let's say 8 sims in it, i wouldn't want all of them wearing 15 000 or 20 000 poly hair meshes (20 000 is enough for a car). I like cluttering my houses a lot and if all 8 sims are wearing SUPER-high poly meshes like yours, the game will probably barely move. That's why people want to know the poly counts. Everyone knows what their computer can or cannot handle and i think creators sholud give the poly info and let everyone decide for themselves if they want to use the particular mesh or not.
And, btw, the "curls require more polys" excuse is not good in your case, because the "paris hilton" style barely have any curls and it's still quite a high-poly mesh.

Anto again xD

Yes, I have to say that most of my meshes have the polycount quite high
I usually made them arround 8000-10000 V
But +15000 it's the High Poly for me LOL

Yes... my meshes are not okay for slow computers, I know...
Well, now I'm doing 2 versions of the meshes, like the side long hair
One with normal quality (arround 6000V) and the other in high quality (9000) so then, people can choose the one they want...
With the last one I could't do, because I'm not at home with my NASA computer hahahaha I'm in an old one, at my beach house... so here I can't do many things with the meshes...

Well, sorry xD

Ahh, I can't say anything useful about polycounts. I've a somewhat high-end system, so I'm able use whatever hairs I want and never really notice lag XD. But yeah, I do like to mention them for those concerned about their game's performance. I've only made one hairmesh in my life and that thing was...50,000. Haha. Only then did everything choke up, and I gave up, yo. I noticed your counts going down, while your hairs are getting more detailed. You're definitely acing Raon and co already. XD

Oh, and thank you for letting me include the meshes! I wasn't sure about your wishes on that, so I just ended up linking to them. Enjoy your holidays!

Me again LOL
first: I wanna see that mesh xD I can't believe hahahaha
second: you have the same like me, super graphics target XD (It cost 300€ U_u but I'm happy with the results xD)
third: thanks n_n My skin is getting darker with the sun xD althoug I miss my super-computer v_v
Just one month and back to school (shit...) and my computer xD

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