[Hair retexture] Ripping wings off of butterflies.

(Moved over from my DW.)
'Sup. I'm dealing with health issues and other real life kerfuffles, hence the lack of activity here. Here's something I had lounging around: A retexture of Peggyzone mesh #06008, because I couldn't remember seeing one. Has 12 colours, same blah blah as usual applies.


Light blond:

Dark brown:

Why yes, those models have virtually the same face sculpt.

Download: Mediafire
You can pick up the mesh at the usual avenues - 'tis not included.

Some sort of heads-up.

A while ago, I dumped all those old hair gender conversions that I made (and could find back) in its own Mediafryer folder. I actually already linked to it in a post that used to be a reference list, but I figured I'd post a heads-up here too. I'd rather keep it archived away from my Dreamwidth, having more or less lost interest (er, in converting, not TS2).

I hope everyone's doing well!

[Retexture] Peggyzone #05910

(Moved over from my DW)
Well, so much for that stay away from sims thing: Quick retexture of this lovely new mesh. There is some slight asymmetry in the female mesh that annoys men, so I didn't paste these on that one. These are just my minor edits of Nouk's textures this time, because my usual ones looked disgusting on it. Eleven colours, compressed, binned, polycount is 7724, I should really limit these huge picture dimensions, blah blah.


Dark brown:


< Mediafire >
Mesh not included, but you can get it here or here.

[Retextures] Peggyzone #05576 & #05945 - It's too late for witty titles

I'm being eaten alive by that pesky thing called Real Life. My brain is like a fried sponge.

Small offering and not really 'new': Like I said I would, retextures pasted on the 'official' male conversion of this hair, because I personally like the edited shape better. I also included the retexture of the female version here, but the alpha was different so it's not exactly copy-pasta. Original x Nouk's textures, 11 colours, compressed. Full credits to Juice at Peggyzone for the meshes, which are not included.

Okay yeah yeah, my previews all look the same, reeking of laziness.

The left one is female, the right one is male, just sayin'.

< #05576 (female): Mediafire/Drop.io (yuxi-peggyzone05576retexture.rar) >
< #05945 (male): Mediafire/Drop.io (yuxi-peggyzone05945retexture.rar) >

Husky Rescue - Diamonds in the Sky

[Hair retexture] Anto hair 52

Oh Anto, you know I love about everything you make, right? Right. This hair brought out my inner fangirl and there wasn't much I could do to make it better, save for some blending with Nouk's textures to satisfy my need to make my hairs match...relatively. So the textures are AntoxNouk, combined and recoloured to fit my particular preferences/game aesthetic.

Eleven colours, binned, linked, compressed, elder has all colours. Also, the polycount *is* very high - my game doesn't seem to care, but if yours does, take care with this one.

These are only previews of the blond/brown/black, because I'm the laziest of them all when it comes to previews.

^ Wuxia is knocking down the doors to my brains. I can't understand a word but oh, the pretties.

< Mediafire >
Meshes by Anto/Cool Sims are included.

[retexture] Let the day just slip away - Anto hair 48

Ohai, again. I... might've... telepoked Anto into making this beautiful mesh and ever since it's fastly become one of my favourites. But being a matchy-match kind of person, I wanted it to be matchy-matchy with the rest of my hairs, hence this little retexture. Same blabla as usual, uses edited Nouk textures (not a blend this time), 11 colours, not sure of the polycount but it's probably high. XD

< Mediafire >
I forgot to include the meshes, but you can pick 'em up at Cool Sims!

[retexture] Peggyzone #05702

So yeah, I'm alive, hey ho hey ho. I've been a bit too preoccupied with storytelling to make anything. I've eyed this hair since it was released for TS3, hoping they'd post it for TS2 as well, so as soon as it showed up (for free no less) I went to retexture it like a proper hair ho. Happy days indeed. Textures are PeggyxNouk, 11 colours, polycount is 12138, which is HUGE. Just so you know.

Can't be arsed to do proper photo shoot right now, everything here being as slow as a cow in the sea.

Download at Mediafire or at Drop.io (yuxi-peggyzone05702retexture.rar)

Mesh not included, get it here. Seems you no longer need to be logged in to get free stuff, either.

[Retexture + F2M-conversion] Can't stand the sound of rain...

What, more hair? Yes, I'm afraid you'll suffer the consequences of me still being into TS2. Ha!

Anto WNF JulyAsp'09 set retexture
So, yesterday was the release of the WNF aspiration set and Anto (nooo, I'm not stalking the lad) released this new mesh. It immediately reminded me of a picture I'd seen somewhere of pretty Chinese things. So here we go with a retexture (11 colours, so not just black - I seem to be getting lazier by the day - binned, etc.).

Pick up the meshes here! (and yes, you'll need all four included there if you want it to show up for all the ages.) Its polycount is 9814.

Mediafire/Drop.io (yuxi-antojulyaspsetretexture.rar)

Coolsims40 hair retexture
Okay, I'm crazy in love with this style and it is free, but you have to have 10 posts in the Coolsims forum to be able to download the mesh. If you're a bit like me, painfully wary of every letter you're typing (no joke), such a thing might take you months, so you can always drop me a line for that instead (here at Dreamwidth or Livejournal or at GoS, that is). Hope that's a compromise XD. It has 11 colours, as usual.

EDIT - Anto removed the post limit - all you need to do now is register at the forum to get it!
EDIT2 - Now he removed the limit entirely. Yay! Just go to the main site to get the meshes.

Mediafire/Drop.io (yuxi-coolsims40retexture.rar)

RaonFH32 F2M
And...oh, I know; qu'est-ce que c'est, mate? I converted this Raon hair to fix my Milkshape (I'd somehow managed to mess up the Unimesh plugins), so I'll just dump it here. These are the original textures - should probably look at retexturing this and the original sometimes. And re-animation (it's...special). All credits go to Raonjena. This one's polycount is 2978.

Mediafire/Drop.io (yuxi_raonfh32FtM.rar)

[Retextures] Coolsims37+39

I had these lounging in my game for some time, but only just now had the time to make previews. Or rather, half-assed screenshots. Just some unimaginative retexturing today - ten colours each, binned/linked and compressorized. Credits to Nouk for the textures I edited and to Anto for the meshes (love your work!).

The meshes are not included - pick them up here! (Note that you need all four files labeled MESH at the end.)

Mediafire/Drop.io (yuxi-coolsims37retexture.rar)

Mediafire/Drop.io (yuxi-coolsims39retexture.rar)

*wanders off*